Phone call

I got a phone call from R, who’s off playing in Vegas. He said, “I had a car wreck. I need the insurance.” I said okay and headed out to get the information. I’d actually made it all the way across the house before I even thought to ask, “You’re okay, right? You’re not hurt?” Hours later I think of that and am amazed. Many people, R included, have found me to be a pessimist and a worrywart, but him being injured was not the first thing I thought of.

And he didn’t start the call with the ubiquitous, “I’m okay” either. Though when he called back about it that was the first thing he said. I doubt he remembers our first conversation much at all.

He is fine and so are the other people who were in the wreck. Our insurance will cover it. He’ll get a ticket, though. Out of state. He hates to pay those. I always pay them. This one he sounded like he thought he deserved though.

I am glad everyone is okay.

1 thought on “Phone call

  1. So glad he’s OK! I think the fact that he asked for the insurance first probably cued you that he was fine. I’ll never forget the phone message my husband left me from work one day: “Honey, there was a shooting at the station a few minutes ago, but I’m ok. Talk to you later.” Click. He got in trouble for that one!

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