Different Stories

When people hang out with a pregnant woman, for some reason, we all seem to want to tell pregnancy horror stories. I do it, too. I do try not to tell them to women I think might have a reason to be scared, but we do it.

But when you tell people you are going to get a hysterectomy, the stories are different. “Best thing I ever did.” Or, as one elderly woman I know said, “Every morning I get up and thank God for Jesus, for my family, and for my hysterectomy.” Every single woman who has said a word to me about it has said stuff like this. “I felt better afterwards than I ever had before.”

I’m hoping my hysterectomy on Monday goes as well as all theirs.

2 thoughts on “Different Stories

  1. I won’t tell you the one hysterectomy horror story I know until after yours is done. It happened to my mom’s best friend. Remind me after and I’ll come back and comment!

  2. Okay, my hysterectomy didn’t go so well. The dr. poked a knife through my bladder and I had to go home from the hospital with a catheter in.

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