Too Early

They send you home too early from the hospital. I was supposed to have a nurse with me the first three times I even sat up in bed. I had a nurse once. The next two times I got up, I did it alone. But it wasn’t horribly hard, just exhausting.

At home there’s no one there normally who can help. R works and since I’ve got stuff hanging out I’m not fully dressed, so sons won’t do. My mom is coming over. The one who is always sick and not terribly reliable… I hope she’s reliable for the next few days.

I’m really not able to get out of bed by myself. R had to help me sit up tonight. At the hospital, there were the bars of the bed I could use. I could riase and lower the bed. Here there is none of that.

I think two nights and two days out of recovery for a hysterectomy is too few after which to be sent home. But I am sure it is at the behest of the insurance and I am sure there is nothing I could do about it.

Of course, to be fair, sometimes at the hospital I didn’t have any help either. But I had help I didn’t feel bad about calling. If I wake up at 4 am, R’s going to be asleep and need his sleep.

I wonder if the melatonin would help me sleep tonight?

1 thought on “Too Early

  1. Ouch. You have my sympathy.

    My mom went thru a hysterectomy several years ago and then had both knees replaced 2-3 months later. I stayed in the hospital with her and then was at home with her after that. What she went thru…

    You’re right, they don’t keep people in the hospital long enough.

    Here from Boudicca’s.

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