Sex in 2006

My son thinks that all teenagers have sex. I have explained to him that this is not true. But he thinks it is. Why? As far as I know he doesn’t know any teenagers well enough to know if they’re having sex.

I think it is because we talk about sex all the time and sex education is offered in schools and people think testing for a sexually transmitted disease should be a requirement.

Not all teenagers have sex. I didn’t. My mother did, but she was married first. My husband didn’t. His mother did, but she was married first. My hubby’s best friend and his wife didn’t. I know lots of adults who didn’t have sex as teens.

I am sure my son thinks this is because I am part of the old fashioned generation. But I was little during the roaring 60s. By the time I hit the teens, the age of promiscuity had blossomed. I still know plenty of people who didn’t have sex as teenagers. I even know some who are teens now and have not had sex.

2 thoughts on “Sex in 2006

  1. I had the same experience as a teenager and all my close friends were the same. And I too was a child during the 60’s. I think social staus is a big factor. Poor people have much more sex as do the very rich but the middle average Joes are just like us. There was a study done on this in America during the fifties.
    It’s a pity that young people cannot be convinced that relationships, especially sexual ones, once entered into are by no means easy to get out of. Youth should be spent concentrating on developing a personality and laying the foundations for adulthood. The problem may well be that adulthood seems so far away to a teenager. To a 16 year old 20 is an eternity away where as to a 46 year old 50 is just around the corner.

  2. Tell your son –> not my son or most of the other guys (teens and young adults) I know, so it can’t be everybody! It must be just be somebody, because we know that it can’t be nobody!

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