US Blocking Conservative Blogs

Gates of Vienna has been blocked, along with all blogspot addresses and many other conservative blogs, by the US Dept of the Interior.

Big liberal blogs are still available.

I think, most likely, this is an artifact of the new blocking system that they installed. But I know that it had to have been some sort of choice on the programmer’s part. R, what say you?

1 thought on “US Blocking Conservative Blogs

  1. At first I was going to say they just cast their net too wide. Since they blocked all blogspot addresses. But I noticed on the unblocked list there was a blogspot blog.

    It is also possible they blocked a range of ip addresses for some reason, and it just happened to hit a bunch of conservative blogs.

    But given that every blog off Kos works, they seem to be making decisions. Now they may have block too much and are now unblocking based on complaints and Kos’ list was the first complained about. I don’t know.

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