Small things I would like for Christmas

besides the books and the Beccy Cole CD on my wish list.

A make up bag, the size of my orange one or a bit larger, that is nice looking and isn’t broken.

Shower stuff and moisturizing liquid from Bath and Body Works.

New undies.

The Bones DVDs. Any there are available?

You know, I would feel very special and pampered if I got everything that is on my Christmas list. I wonder how much that would be.

2 thoughts on “Small things I would like for Christmas

  1. So what size is your orange bag??? Are you sure only Ron & me read this? Hee-hee. I did send the link for your recipe to several people rather than typing it in again. So you never know…

    I won’t ask what size undies you wear or if you prefer cotton…

    – Bev

  2. No, I’m not sure. A few other people whose blogs I read come by and read and post.

    The orange bag was a large make-up bag. Six x four probably. When I travel I need a little bit larger one. I’m thinking of just buying a purse the right size.

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