2 thoughts on “Online Danger

  1. Are you implying that a women is more likely to meet a rapist online than off? Are you saying your friends are more naive about men online than off?

    In a lot of ways meeting guys online is WAY safer. I mean they aren’t physically present, they don’t know where you are or how to contact you in the real world and you control this information.

  2. Meeting guys on line is way safer. He can’t rape you on line. BUT the particular student I was thinking of was sure the guy she talked to on the internet was safe and she was planning a trip overseas to meet him. She was going to be in his home country, with her only friends other people she had met on line. They could easily be his friends. Or him… It just worries me.

    Unfortunately there is no way to tell when someone is a rapist. Unless they’ve already been convicted of a rape. And sometimes then it’s not true either.

    That is not to say I don’t believe there are rapists. There are. Hopefully most of the ones in prison are rapists. But I know of one guy whose was convicted of a murder and rape because he had picked up a blonde hitchhiker, had sex with her, and told his buddies about it. When a blonde girl was found raped and killed, folks thought he did it. Just in the last five years his attorney started trying to get new evidence and the girl he had sex with heard about the situation and came forward. He was exonerated… After 15 years in prison.

    Why is it that false imprisonments are long and when we know the guy did it, he gets like three months? (I’m thinking of that wacko judge and the child molester.)

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