I’ve got some low grade sickness. Tuesday I was running a low fever and threw up. Yesterday I was okay, though my throat itched. Today I felt bad when I got up so I took a Benadryl and some pain killers. Then I took a nap. The phone rang four times with calls from no one, 888, Clothing Donate, Unknown. I finally gave up sleeping. My throat hurts worse now than it did yesterday. I guess that’s from the burn of almost puking.

Unfortunately I also have cabin fever, so I am probably going to go to the mall. Maybe look for some cute short boots. Ang and Dee both have some. I liked the way they looked.

Got my hair done yesterday. I like the way it looks. R doesn’t. I’m going to get it cut tomorrow. And I am trying to get a chiropractic appointment tomorrow. My right hip hurts (without painkillers) and my left big toe is still a problem whenever I take off my shoes. Of course, I won’t let him pull on the toe so there may not be much he can do.

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  1. So send me a picture of you! Are you still red and long? I have the curly look on high humidity days and the straight look on dry days. My hairdresser finally found a straight look my dh likes.

    Sorry about the sickness. Hope it passes soon.

    – Bev

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