I worked another two hours on one closet

and it’s still not done. Not anywhere close.

I did go from eleven boxes of things in there to four. But those other seven? I got three trashcans full of stuff out of them. I am not sure how that happened. Except that the boxes were packed a lot tighter. But still…

I threw one broken box and four 60 gallon trash bags as full as they would go away.

There are two boxes up there, sell and give away.

And there’s about twenty boxes left.

At this rate, I’ll be done by Friday, maybe.

2 thoughts on “I worked another two hours on one closet

  1. Which room is the teen room? Where you had the computers when we visited many years ago?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    BTW – You would be hard pressed to find a 4 bedroom house your size in any kind of good condition here for less than 200K.

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