Nightshades Again

I said I’ve been avoiding nightshades for 72 hours. The pain is still there, so I went out on the net looking for info. I found this

mayonnaise, fried foods that may have been cooked in oil where potatoes have been fried, and modified vegetable starch (which might be in bread, gravy, or sauces).

in a list of foods that are nightshades.

Friday lunch I had chicken that was fried in oil that potatoes are fried in. Mayo I had on my supper tonight. Bread… Yes, I’ve had bread all the time. Don’t know which might have modified veg starch though. Not sure how to find that out.

Nightshade “allergies” aren’t really that. I know it, but it’s hard to explain. But nightshades all have solanine.

Solanine is a potent poison that kills by causing muscles to be so spastic that the person cannot breathe (EXTREME bracing). This is the opposite of curare which discharges the neuromuscular chemicals that produce contraction and so the person dies of flaccidity–the inability to breathe because the muscles cannot contract.

Both quotes above came off this website.

I’ve looked all over the net for someone else who says solanine is in mayo. No one else does that I could find. But they do say that green potatoes have high concentrations of it. Maybe potato salad gave them a reaction and they thought it was the mayo.

The boards and sites I’m seeing say it may take up to SIX MONTHS to drop solanine out of the system.

Not actually an allergic reaction. Solanine, a slightly toxic substance found in nightshades, doesn’t harm most people. It isn’t detoxified properly by some people; this is a genetic difference. Those folks get joint pain that may be diagnosed as arthritis, and muscular pain from nightshades. They may need to stay off of these foods for a few weeks or months to clear the solanine from their system.

That’s clearly what I have. I’ve even been to a rheumatologist, years ago when I didn’t know what the problem was. He correctly diagnosed that it was not arthritis.

Many people have gotten over food allergies after fasting.

I’ve actually been thinking about doing that. Then I wouldn’t have any foods that accidentally trigger. But I’m not sure I could do a long fast. Two days in I get very sluggish. But it’s worth thinking about.

from here

I was looking for a cure, but so far nothing.

I did find that “[a]voidance of allergic foods remains the preferred treatment of choice for severe and moderately severe food allergies. Rotation, or only eating an allergic food on a schedule, usually once every four days, for less severely allergic foods is usually effective.” And “Cooked foods are less apt to produce allergic symptoms than raw foods. The heating of foods is part of a chemical reaction that denatures the properties of the proteins in a food that are responsible for allergic reactions.” from QuickMed

I have developed a latex sensitivity. We now buy non-latex gloves for our first aid kits. I found this “Potato and tomato allergies are also statistically linked to latex sensitivity, though their cross-reactivity with latex is not established.”” to be interesting. It is from the site above.

I’ve been saying THIS for years.

If you want to know what foods you are allergic to, they are likely the same foods you would list in response to the question, “What foods do you love?” Though this seems initially difficult to understand, it is in part similar to why alcoholics seek out the very thing that ultimately makes them sick, alcohol-because its absence causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Allergy and addiction are closely related.

(also from QuickMed)

Ask Jen says that garlic, ginger, and onion are anti-inflammatories and will help.

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12 thoughts on “Nightshades Again

  1. I can’t imagine why mayonnaise is on the list of avoidance foods for nightshades.

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  3. Thanks for the information. I am ‘allergic’ to tomatoes. As mentioned in your article, I love tomatoes and it took a long time to figure out why I was getting hives. I found I was also sensitive to fresh white potatoes so have not been eating them either. I used to get severe joint pains which were never diagnosed. Now I believe they were a result of the nightshades. I had never heard of this connection before but it makes sense.

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  5. Thank you for all your good work.

    I’ve been trying to find out if the digestive enzymes sold in health food stores (such as Papaya) will digest solanine. Have you heard anything about this?

    Also, can you please mention night shades in the subject matter in your response. I get so much junk mail that I automatically delete anything I don’t recognize.

    Thanks again,


  6. I have been having severe itching for about 1 week now after eating some home-canned tomatos from my grandfather’s garden. I haven’t eaten any raw tomatoes at all, and it seems that the processed tomatoes don’t bother me, but this has been horrible, and the itching is very bad still, even after one week. What can I do to help this? It is really bad. I am clawing myself and it feels like fire under my skin. Thank you for any help.

  7. Try some benadryl, Tina. You may need to take it for a while. Also, you can try calamine on your skin. Or over the counter Zertek, which is for allergies, too.

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  10. Right on, all those who point out that one is not allergic to Nightshades. I am allergic to dairy but I have accumulated an overdose of the toxic substance in Solanacea in my system … it can be reduced but I haven’t known of anyone to totally rid their system of all. I have carefully excluded Nightshades from my diet for years and notice when I cheat. Just chalk it up to the Great American Diet and stop ingesting the toxin morning, noon, and night.

    PS It usually takes about 3 months of abstinence to notice a change.

  11. It is in many mayos. However, full calorie Hellman’s doesn’t have paprika. Thank you for the info, though. I just learned it in August.

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