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I started BFL today. It’s what works best for me and I don’t want to be fat. I know I’ll never be a size 3, or even a 6, but a 10 and even an occasional 8 would be preferable to what I am now (a tight 12 or 14).

So I was thinking of motivation. I’m not a singular person. I like hanging with people. Do you think I could get my family to agree to the following motivational rewards?

At 175 R and both boys go with me for one bike ride in the next week. The boys would only ride 15 minutes each. The boys would also lift weights with me once.

At 170 R and I would go to Nacadoches or somewhere to go antiquing. (Yeah, he doesn’t love it, but he could spend time with me!)

At 165 both boys would go with me for two bike rides in the next week. Again the boys would only have to ride 15 minutes eah.

After 1 week at 160, R would start bike riding with me two mornings a week for two months. (As long as I stay below 160.)

After 3 months at or below 160, I get $200 to buy new clothes. (I’m going to see if my parents might be interested in sponsoring this motivational reward.)

After 6 months at or below 160, I get another $200 to buy new clothes. And R and the boys bike ride with me once a week for three weeks.

After 9 months at or below 160, I get another $200 to buy new clothes. And R and the boys bike ride once a week with me for six weeks.

After 1 year at or below 160, I pay for M’s phone for a year and E gets a Game Force party. And R and I go for a three day weekend somewhere.

After 2 years at 160, R and I go with M and D for their trip to Mexico.

I wish I thought I could get down to 150, which was my goal last time I went on BFL. But the lowest I got was 155 and I was seriously frustrated, switched to other systems which did not work, and have, over the last three years, regained most of my weight. So I wanted to pick a reasonable goal for me, one which will put me in a size 10 and keep me there. If, over the course of years, I can actually get down to 150 and stay there, that will be great. But I want to look good, not be frustrated.

After four+ years on BFL, with no nightshades, I will be in the best condition of my life. So when I hit 50, I’ll be hot.

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  1. I was poking around today for some bargains on QWLC supplements and found your blog from 2003 (or 04?). Then I looked for more recent stuff and found this 2007 entry. I’m wondering how your weight loss ultimately went. I am not familiar with BFL.
    I did QWLC last year, started in March, with the goal to lose “10 or 15 pounds.” THEY said my goal was 24–and I figured they were NUTS. Long story short, after I lost the 15, I felt so great that I just continued a while longer. I did an intense program in dog training in Austin area all summer, and without really thinking about QWLC “rules,” I lost another 4-5 pounds over that 8 weeks–so I ended at a total of 30 pound lost. It felt GREAT. I was never a perfect QWLC dieter. After the first two weeks I couldn’t stand skipping my creamer and sugar with coffee, and I sneaked in my own low fat salad dressings rather than theirs. I seldom took the appropriate numbers of supplement tablets–and quit them altogether after 8 weeks. Now, a year later, I’ve gotten too sloppy, and gained about six pounds. So I’m helping my daughter do a sort of modified QWLC diet to encourage myself to drop these pounds. I don’t ever want to ‘fit’ into my 12s and 14s again! They were literally falling off last June–had to go to the Good Will Store in Hutto and buy pants! I actually found myself comfortable in 6’s and 8’s.
    Bottom line, I think it’s the extra protein that helps to do the trick, and I’m going to either find a second hand source for some QWLC supplements or use the Zone brand stuff I’ve bought at Target.
    Thanks for sharing your diet work. It’s interesting to know how these things go for others. Good luck with reaching your goal.

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