Stop the Memorial

The memorial for Flight 93 is, at this moment, a memorial to the hijackers. It is a crescent, opening toward Mecca. In the fall the crescent will be red, because the trees will turn that color. That is wrong.

This is not a new topic at My Own Thoughts. It’s just one that ought to have been fixed already. Unfortunately, those who are in charge of the memorial for Flight 93 are not letting that happen.

Write the Park Service. (7/12/06)

Follow this link to give the National Park Service your opinion on the Flight 93 National Memorial.

Calling and writing the Park Service. I called the woman in charge of the Memorial. (9/14/05) I don’t know who the Superintendent is now, but the number is:

Superintendent – Flight 93 National Memorial
(814) 443-4557

A memorial to the hijackers? 9/9/2005