Finally, the truth.

We have three people on this committee who want to hire G. G ranks third of four in the nine people on the committee’s opinion. But he’s the one who is scheduled to come in already. (Does that tell you that one of the three is running the scheduling?)

That same person has asked if we as a committee think that we should be able to hire someone at the end of their on site interview. Everyone figured that means, “Can we hire G?” And so everyone said no.

Today it was brought up again. So I said, “If K comes in and we like him, can we offer him the job immediately?” One of the three said No. And we knew they would. So I said, that is exactly why we are saying no. You just want an excuse to ask G. But you aren’t willing to talk to/about anyone else doing that.

I hope that means that idea is going to go away.

G lied on his application. Why do they want to hire someone who is not telling the truth? A spiritual stronghold of division already exists around this person. I am so not interested in him coming in.

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  1. G lied on his application

    This should disqualify him as a candidate immediately! I am so sorry you are going through this. We just hired a new youth minster after nearly a year of searching. It’s been the end of a very traumatic time at our church.

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