Thought I would see if it would work…

Ace of Spades has been getting weird traffic searches.

Sarah Palin and her secret bikini pictures, Sarah Palin and the “Air Force Two,” or homoerotic pillowfights between Governor Sarah Palin and Smurfette.
Sarah Palin swimsuit competition searches, with people searching for hot pictures of Sarah Palin in a bikini, Governor Sarah Palin Victoria’s Secret wearing nothing but high heels and a clown nose or something.

Don’t these people know you should search Google Images?

1 thought on “Thought I would see if it would work…

  1. I think that John McCain’s choice of Sara Palin was wise. She brings a freshness to the political scene. In regards to experience, She has day to day decisions to make governing a country. Barrack Obama on the other hand has been busy for almost TWO years climbing the political ladder. Where is his real interest with regards to assisting the Illinois citizens that elected him. Why is it that the MEDIA find it necessary to try and find any trash they can on political and celebrity persons. Why not their attibutes and what they can bring to the party. It is disgusting. Point to rumors of Palin’s pregancy. STOP already. I will be voting for McCain/Palin.

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