Goals for this year:

I know you think this is about 2009, but it isn’t. It’s about 2008. There are eleven more days in the year.

I want to do well at salsa class Monday night and have fun.

I want to finish a first draft of my paper by Wednesday. Then do a rewrite by Saturday. Then send it to my dad for editing. I’m probably making it harder than it has to be, but I want the article with my name on it to be a significant piece. So I am working hard to make it that.

It would be cool if next year, we could use a book with my work in it as a supplemental text. That would probably mean changing the plan for the class, but I’m doing that anyway as I go along, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

Oh, and I want to do something fun/cool/exciting with my husband without spending too much money next week. Something to mark 20 Christmases.

I think you can probably tell which of these is causing the most angst.

But I am getting closer. I have 5000 words written in a partial first draft. It’s supposed to be 5000 words total, but I did one part in a way that I don’t like, so that needs to be redone and it is a significant word count (maybe 1500 words). I have another three sections to put in too.

So we’ll see how it goes. I took yesterday off and then today I was incredibly efficient at writing. But I’m not sure I want to plan on that idea (day off/day on). I’d really rather get it done before Wednesday and have extra time to rewrite. But I’m aiming for a reasonable goal.

You are probably wondering why I waited till now to write it, aren’t you? Well, I got the job Nov. 26. And I got another writing project that week too. So I did the writing project I thought would be harder first. At the tail end of that project I was taking notes for this one. But it took way longer to take notes than I thought. (Seven days of three to six hours a day.)

And then I didn’t have enough secondary sources to suit myself. So I went back to find those. That slows the whole project down.

I think instead of writing this blog post, I should work on my paper again. Night, night.

1 thought on “Goals for this year:

  1. I am not making as much progress today (the next day) as I did in this post. I have written perhaps three very solid paragraphs, but I have another two or three on the topic of science to go. And I am finding all kinds of rabbit holes which warrant chasing through. (Satire v. science, discourse is the same?)

    However, the work I am doing is solid and so are the references. (Though I referenced Linda’s prof and his work was spoofy.)

    I may have to go to Burger King tomorrow, with my computer, and work. I need to make progress. Perhaps going somewhere else will help me do that. Or maybe I could go to the college library.

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