I went to Dad’s Saturday, to give Chris a break. I picked the folks up at Grace’s recital and then took them home. Mom was nauseated from the chemo.

Dad and I went to Cafe Adobo for supper. I didn’t have a handicapped sticker, so Dad had to walk in. On the way out he said that about half the time he wished he were dead. Then he said if he didn’t get better it would switch to all the time.

It’s pretty depressing when your folks are sick/dying and wish they could die faster.

So today at church I was listening to the music and thought I should have that played at my funeral.

“Even through the tears”… something about continuing to serve God.

Of course, if I had a funeral, not many people would come. That would suck. So I hope I don’t have one soon.

2 thoughts on “Funeral

  1. First of all, I would come and I would need a boat-load of tissues! But I hope it isn’t soon too!

    Re your dad: he sounds kind of like where James’s dad was. Although I don’t know that his dad talked about it much to anyone. I do know he said he wanted to feel better – either here or in heaven, so the surgery was worth the risk.

    We are doing okay. Busy with Paul stuff.

  2. Yeah. My dad is scared. Scared he’s going to make it and Mother won’t. Scared he won’t get better but will keep living. I know that would be hard.

    I try to let him know that we would miss him.

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