Interview Today

Good news:
I have an interview today for a job at a college not far from me.
I remembered to get my suit back from the cleaners.
I know what I am going to talk on.
I found my transcripts from my two graduate school colleges.

Bad news:
I need to make some photocopies.
My back is grabbing every time I lean over.
I’m chicken.

But, hey, I’m there to make their life more interesting. I’m going to share with them some information I gave at CCTE and they don’t even have to go hear it. I might even give them a copy of it. (Is that too pushy?)

It should be fun and different. So we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Interview Today

  1. It went fairly well. I think one of the people didn’t like me. Several of the people did. I was very much myself, so they know what they are getting if they take me.

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