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There was a time when people ate a more alkaline diet (vegetables, especially green leafy ones,fruits and dairy products). Today many people have switched to a more acidic diet (meat, fish, soft drinks, grains, legumes, nuts).

Some researchers say that this acidic diet means our bodies need to leach calcium from its storehouse in our bones and teeth in order to buffer the acidic state and return to our bodies to our normal slightly alkaline state.

My diet is very much acidic. Even though I have dropped the soft drinks, I don’t eat many vegetables period.

This new diet I am looking at isn’t alkaline, either. It has you eat legumes, meat and fish, and vegetables. No fruit. No dairy products. But if it works, it will be good to get weight off. I’ll work on the osteopenia while I am doing that–taking Vitamin D and calcium.

According to the same website, onions slow the removal of bone AND increases the formation of bone. So I need to add onions to my diet. Can I do that with Ferris’ diet? They can be white.

Dried plums (prunes) also increase bone density. So add them to the diet when I am on my day off.

Here’s another problem:

Caffeine in the diet is a negative for those with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

One of the meds I take is basically caffeine. So I really need to work on that. Can I get better and get rid of the meds?

Apparently tea helps slow bone loss. That’s good.

For exercises, the site mentions hip kicks (holding on to something for balance and not till it hurts). They say to go forward with your leg, then down, then back. Repeat 8 times. Do once a day.

GOOD THING: Osteoblasts (building bone) respond to “additional stress.” So I need to work out and I need to change up my exercises. That’s good to know that it will help.

General cardio is good. NOTE: Going DOWN stairs stimulates bone growth.

One mile a day for a year offsets the normal 1% loss a year; however, women after menopause (which includes me) lose 3-5%. Don’t want that.

Walking with a weight vest will increase the needed stress. Then you need to add weight about every 2 weeks. So… I need to be walking longer in about two weeks.

Change every two weeks what you do for cardio. Your osteoblasts then won’t get used to it. (The trainer said about every six weeks, but two weeks makes sense to me.)

When lifting weights, the best bone density exercise is to lift a weight heavy enough that you can only do 7-8 repetitions. When you can do 15 repetitions of a weight, go to the next higher weight.

So do them for two weeks and then increase.

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  1. I was reading your comments on an alkalized / acidic diet. I just wanted to let you know that without enough iodine in your diet, your body cannot achieve apoptosis, witch is the programmed death of a damaged cell. Apoptosis is suppose to occur when the oxygen content of a cell is less than 55-60%. I apply 2% tincture METHIOLATE to any cut on my body and or a different limb every couple of days. READ about IODINE and how the government has taken it out of our diets in every way possible. They use to add it to bread, but now they use BROMINE and that binds to the IODINE receptors in our bodies not allowing us to uptake the IODINE we would normally ingest when we eat Iodized table salt. What has the government been telling you now, well it would be to stop eating so much salt? THEREFORE taking IODINE completely out of your diet!~ I went to a nutritionist 20 years ago for a thyroid that apparently stopped producing hormones in my body and he told me that I needed to change some things in my diet, plus apply iodine to chest area under each breast and over each ovary (1 quarter size spot at a time starting on the right side under the breast) READ, READ, READ and I suggest a holistic doctor to help you. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year. They want to give me METHELTREXATE…… forget that!~ I would rather die. In fact every warning on medicines you take now states that the medicine could cause at least 3 other problems in your system. (poison?) The most dangerous of course is the problem with digestion, which if you take enough of them and often enough may cause MALABSORPTION witch is starvation of your body on a cellular level. OF course I am not a doctor and I am reccomending you talk to a holistic doctor of your choice, preferrably first do your homework online about this important nutrient we need in our system. Iodine Do you remember the brown/pink stuff our grandma’s would apply to our scrapes and cuts that burned a little? Well that is iodine 2% methiolate, you can find it at a local drug store. I haven’t had an attack in 3 weeks. I stopped drinking coffee. I have begun drinking in the morning (1 hour) before I eat a 10oz glass of water with 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda. (Every other day!~) Baking soda is also what your grandparents use to use when they had ACID REFLUX. (Remember?) They also brushed their teeth with it? (Remember?) Interesting enough I ran across your website because I was looking up information of SCOTTISH CASTLES and the PICTS the ancient peoples of Europe and for some reason I clicked on a picture and your website came up. I read quite a few of your posts and you seem like a most interesting person. It is amazing that you have been writing now for over 11 years online. I hope that you don’t feel that I am prying on your private life, etc. etc. etc. Because I am not. I have 4 sons and my mortality has been flashing in front of me because of the pain I have been in for the last two years. I don’t want to be a statistic and I have a lovely family to live for hopefully for a few more decades. I thought I would pass information along about what I have learned. God Bless. Cherie

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