Lost City: Found

A city built 8000 years ago, lived in for 6000 years, has been uncovered in Turkey (I think).

Interesting tidbits:

home with a timber floor, remnants of food supplies and blackberry seeds….

The graves, mostly rectangular in shape and placed in a circular formation, contain hundreds of funeral gifts buried with the dead. Among them are ceramic and bronze pots, jewelry, clothing accessories, iron and bronze weapons and tools and a number of other objects of unknown use….

Of particular interest are the pieces of jewelry, hairdressing and beauty aids in nearly all the women’s graves as well as those of little girls….

The depiction…(by the archaeologist of the people) shows details of bronze ribbon diadems and bronze and gold hair ornaments, bead necklaces of stone, bronze or shell, iron, ivory or leather belts decorated with bronze, a wide variety of bracelets and bronze rings for the middle or ring finger.

…weaving looms, ceramic pots, 53 clay figurines, 25 small figures of humans and animals, a large number of jewelry items and charred remnants of plants (wheat, lentils, pomegranates and fruit seeds)….

This is especially interesting for me, because Wynne would have come through this area at the time and she and Toban met up there and then came to Eiroan’s Port.

EKathimerini has it all.

Note: At the beginning of the article it says the place was lived in from 6000 BC to 60 BC. However, towards the end it says it was inhabited from 6000 BC till 3100 BC. I think the second makes more sense, since they are calling it an “iron age” graveyard. But there is bronze and bronze weapons in the grave. So I still may borrow it for Dielli’s mother and uncle.

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