Everyday life in ancient Egypt

Egyptian town during Dielli’s lifetime:

The Tell Edfu site includes a public town center that was used for collecting taxes, conducting business, recording accounting, and writing documents.

The discovery paints a picture of a relatively advanced system of society during ancient times, with commerce playing an intricate part of daily Egyptian life….

These towns were all made of mud-brick, so that’s obviously not as glamorous as stone architecture.”
The town center contains an open hall with eight silos, partially used to collect grain taxes from farmers.

Ranging from 18 to 21 feet (5.5 to 6.5 meters) in diameter, the silos are the largest ever found in an Egyptian town center, archaeologists say.

Above the silos are rectangular storage containers containing gray ash to protect them from pests. The silos hail from the 17th dynasty, which lasted from about 1570 to 1540 B.C.

The whole complex was attached to a 16-column hall, part of an old governor’s palace that eventually was transformed into a center of commerce and administration, the archaeologists say.

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